Pembrokeshire Bridleways and Byeways Association

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Welcome to PBBA online

This is the official Pembrokeshire Bridleways and Byways Association website.

Find out more about us and about the beautiful Pembrokeshire bridleways and byways that await you here in West Wales.PBBA run a series of Fun Rides and other events throughout the year.

Members of the Pembrokeshire Bridleways and Byways Association promote and follow the Rider's Code of Conduct.

Be courteous to other path users.

Remember to shut all gates.

Indicate your intentions clearly while riding on roads.
Do not stray off the line of the path.

Litter pollutes, what your horse drops,fertilises.

Enjoy the countryside and respect it's life and work.

Weather - do not poach up surfaces in bad weather.

Always ride slowly passed livestock.

You are the ambassadors of Our Association - help us maintain good public relations.

Consideration for the farmer and landowner.

Observe the local bylaws.

Do report any problems to the appropriate authority.

Ensure that what we achieve today is there for the next generation of riders and carriage drivers to enjoy.


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